Welcome to Ab Initio! We set up this project in 2016 as a platform to make our expertise of solar energy in the urban environment accessible to owners, developers and managers of these technologies. We aim to tackle two problems that threaten the productivity and durability of solar energy generation in the buildings: performance losses arising from faults and flaws; and the significant challenge of high quality design and monitoring in a complex and changing environment.

We propose a software solution that integrates the multiphysics nature of building-integrated solar energy technologies and the environment in which they operate. Through over 15 years of scientific research in the field, we have developed an approach that can overcome these issues thanks to an advanced processing of rich datasets combined with bespoke physical models that incorporate the specific features of these technologies.

Today we are consolidating this expertise within a software core that will later be released following a Software As A Service model. With a broad adoption of this tool, the viability and longevity of solar technologies in towns and cities can be assured.

Interfaces will be developed for use at several levels of the value chain. During the design phase, our tools enable a full consideration of the impacts upon thermal and electrical performance from the scale of individual modules up to the full system. For existing installations, we offer a high-level diagnostic utility for a detailed assessment of performance, inspection of losses and the identification of measures with which to boost current performance, and anticipate the need for future interventions.

In August 2017 the Ab Initio project entered pre-incubation, comprising a 12-month period of technology development. During this phase, software demonstrators and prototypes will be developed and validated. In this framework we are actively seeking partners interested in participating as alpha and beta testers, or indeed to collaborate towards extending the functionalities of the software core.

The team

Ab Initio is a commercialisation project at the Laboratory for the Optimisation of Design and Engineering of the Environment (LOCIE) and is a collaboration between the University of Savoie Mont Blanc and the Incubator SATT Linksium.